Alumi-Tee was formed in 2015 as a subsidiary of B & C Holdings, LLC. Brad Sims, owner of B & C Holdings, came up with the idea. He, being an avid golfer, was looking for a truly unbreakable golf tee, but could not find any. So he decided to machine Aluminum Golf Tees and Ball Markers.

aluminum golf teesOur tees are machined out of 6061 aluminum. These tees are truly the worlds ONLY UNBREAKABLE golf tees. I know other companies state that their tees are unbreakable but that’s not true. Sure they will last longer than the traditional wooden tees, but they will never last as long as an Alumi-Tee. Use your hard earned money to play more golf, not buying more tees.

These tees will not scratch, dent or ding your expensive clubs. The reason why is because the club face is much harder than the aluminum tee. It’s like hitting a nail with a hammer, the nail does not damage the hammer because the hammer is harder than the nail. The same principle applies here.

Some golf courses have the idea that the aluminum will damage their lawn mower blades. The mower blades are much harder than the aluminum, therefore the same principle applies as above. With aluminum tees, the cleanliness of the tee boxes would be worth folks using Alumi-Tee on their courses.

Hard tee box, NO problem with Alumi-Tee, let’s see you get one of those so called unbreakable plastic tees into some tee boxes.

One benefit of the Alumi-Tee is to clean out the grooves on your irons. Because the aluminum is much softer than the club face, the tee tip will conform to the shape of the groove making it much easier and faster to clean than anything else on the market.

Try them today and see why we are … THE WORLDS FINEST GOLF TEES